To Retribution

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What people are saying…

‘Fast-paced and very relevant to our world of corruption and political intrigue, this story is a fantastic debut covering social and ethical issues in such a way that compels you to keep reading.’ H. Shipman
‘A brilliant book that really got me thinking about what could potentially happen at some point in the future, and that is a disturbing thought indeed and given all the uncertainty at the moment it is all the more worrying and real…I read this at every available opportunity and truly enjoyed it.’ Baatty About Books


‘Fast paced. Intriguing and unexpected. Not a wasted, or waffley word in it. Enjoyed the read from start to finish. I fully recommend to anyone with a functioning moral compass, an interest in corruption and conspiracy, or reading thrillers.’ H Mack


‘A page turner for sure, and scarily apt in these uncertain times.’


‘I had to stay up until it was finished! A frightening warning of what can happen if people accept the politics of fear. The story twists and turns and you never know who to trust. Thoroughly recommended.’ P J Lai-Fang


‘I couldn’t put this book down!! A tense thriller, fast paced, but the characters had a depth to them. I was constantly trying to second guess where the plot would go next, and was constantly proved wrong!! A great read, that I’m still thinking and talking about a week later (always a sign of a good book!!).’ J Velkorodnyy


‘A fast paced political thriller set in a potentially not too future Britain…compulsive reading…A riveting read from an exciting new author.’ Keith Simpson


‘The book starts with a bang, with action and danger present from the outset. I was hooked immediately, wondering what would become of our three heroes. It doesn’t let up with Curlew really turning it up a gear in Part Two.’ Bloomin’ Brilliant Books


‘An original, well written book with an intriguing plot.’ Reflections of a Reader