Dan Knew

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The animals in this book are all real, as are their stories. The names of the people have been changed to protect their privacy. Fact or fiction? Well, dogs can’t talk, can they?

Praise for Dan Knew

‘I defy anyone not to fall in love with Dan. If anything this book has shown me how to overcome adversity, even when at rockbottom a lick or nose butt from Dan would inject a bit more strength.’ Ali the Dragon Slayer

‘This is a very poignant story about a rather special little dog called Dan who was rescued from the streets of Ukraine and taken on an unforgettable journey. The overwhelming love that the author has for Dan is obvious in every well written word of this lovely story, which allows Dan’s unique voice to be heard and understood in a very special way. ‘ Jaffa Reads Too

‘I couldn’t help but fall in love with Dan and I felt as though I actually knew him by the end of the book. Dan’s voice comes across as being truly canine…Curlew captures the essence of the canine while intertwining this with a tale about human relationships and adversity. She takes us on a real journey through interesting countries, life and friendship. Whether you are a dog lover or not, you will not fail to be moved by this story of the bond that can exist between different species. There is now a Dan-shaped space in my heart and Curlew has written a fitting tribute to a very special friend.’ Bloomin’ Brilliant Books

‘Oh boy, this book! This book tore my heart out and made my fall in love all within 331 pages. I warn you that you will need tissues both for tears of laughter and sorrow.’ Life of a Nerdish Mum

‘I have no idea how the author managed to capture so much of a dog’s personality and the little things that they do…I have to admit I have struggled to write a review for this book, not because I didn’t like it because I loved it. My main struggle is that because it is so descriptive and well written, I feel that I won’t do it justice and I could give the whole book away.’ Jen Med’s Book Reviews

‘With stories that made me laugh and cry, Dan Knew, is a book that is filled with so much love for Wee Dan that you can’t help but love him too. His unique voice will be forever immortalised in print and what a fitting tribute to a truly wonderful dog.’ The Book Magnet

‘Expertly written by the author, her love for Dan shines through and this book is an absolutely fitting tribute to him. I really enjoyed this one and I will remember Dan for a long time. A story for animal lovers, dog lovers or generally anybody that has a heart.’ Reflections of a Reader

‘Just a few pages in and I could feel the tears already and then the relief, I didn’t realise though how Wee Dan would get under my skin and I fell in love, hook, line and sinker…A highly recommended read.’ It’s All About The Books

Some of my favourite pictures of Dan and his friends with quotes from his story. I love them…